How To Register

You will need ::

1 x Mobile Phone Number

1 x Credit Or Debit Card
We need this to credit your CheapFootyScores account,  we provide cheap texts by charging your credit card rather than your Phone account. We will only debit your account when you ask us too,  so no supprises.

5 minutes of free time
We'll make this as quick as we can

A Little Patience
Computers,  we hate 'em as much as you probably do, but its worth the effort!

Optional: Alcoholic Beverage of your choice
Unless you're trying to subscribe while driving round the M25, operating on your latest patient or attempting re-entry Sir!

Step 1 - Enter your details.
Email Address - We will use this as your username
Confirm Password
Mobile Number - The one you want to recieve texts,  we only send texts to UK mobiles,  so don't include a country code.
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Have a gift certificate or promotional claim code? Enter it here
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How you can pay ::

You can pay securely with any UK credit or debit card via PayPal

You choose when to top up your credit,  we will keep sending you text's until you credit
runs out or until you login to your account and tell us to stop.

We won't just keep debiting your card,  so no nasty suprises.

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